Nektar & Lethe is a collection of discarded photographs, resulting from years of browsing thrift stores and flea markets. For among what could be seen as insignificant and inconspicuous, now and then little gems emerge that are worth preserving. Pictures that sometimes appear not entirely at ease to the observeras if an uncanny certainty were already inscribed in them at the moment of their capture. It is a glimpse beyond the cultural photo archives and, furthermore, a small remembrance to the petty-bourgeois, well-ordered lifeworld of the post-war period.
Mirrored in personal sentiments, Nektar & Lethe draws back and forth between two perennial poles, between the longing for unbridled life and its fleetingnessfor the actual moments barely seem tangible, only their traces we can grasp.


Includes two colour postcards and an epilogue by the author.


13,7 x 17,7 cm
Cover in cardboard
132 pages on 170g/m² Maximat Prime as well as 100g/m² Munken Pure


Limited to a 100 copies.


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LMP002. Benedikt Eiden - Nektar & Lethe (Photobook)


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