Lärm serves in no way as an overview or ­panoramic perspective on any kind of subculture or scene. It is more an attempt in offering a different, perhaps more ­psychological view on music and film, somewhere between memory and ­reality. Furthermore, it could be seen as an expression of ­solidarity with the marginal, as a conjuring of the forgotten – a tribute to creative visions that continually tend to surprise us. When we started Lärm in early 2019, we created the platform with the belief that, amongst other things, the overlooked and the neglected can be most important to us, with the hopelessly romanticist idea that it carries a secret within itself. Being the German word for noise, it is by definition an unwanted sound considered unpleasant, loud or disruptive to hearing. This definition is, however, expandable. Lärm can be the impetus, can be the creative thoughts you have, the words you speak, the information you receive. But most certainly, it is a plea to allow yourself to be overwhelmed and challenged again. 



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